Is my Tennessee home being wrongfully foreclosed on? Was my Tennessee home that was already foreclosed on done legally? What documents do I need to have?

How do I get money from bank on foreclosed Tennessee home and or how do I stop the bank from Foreclosing in Tennessee?
A Tennessee Foreclosure Attorney is your best option to help you determine whether or not you are owed money from the Governments recent bailouts of the major banks. It is very important that you review and get the following Documents for my firm to review:
1) Real Property Purchase Contracts
2) Loan Application
3) Contracts Archived by Title Companies:
(Contact the Title Company and request the documents)
4) Real Property Purchase Contracts
5) Note
6) Mortgage or Deed of Trust
7) Complete Escrow / Closing package
8 ) Recorded Documents: (Recorded, Mailed, Posted, Advertised)
9) Deeds
10) Default Notices
11) Assignments
12) Substitutions of Trustee
13) Court Complaint or Notices of Trustee’s Sale
14) Sheriff’s Deed or Trustee’s Deeds upon sale
15) Prior Servicer Communication:
(You recorded them right? Probably not but do so in the future)
16) Monthly statements
17) Missed-payment related documents
18) Responses from any attempted communications
19) Loan modification documents

Keep in mind that when dealing with Banks and their Foreclosure practices, Banks are well aware of the fact that they may have
substantial problems foreclosing on your house in Tennessee, they are still being very aggressive in doing so
and are not going without a fight. They can wait forever with their unlimited money and chances are you can’t.
It is important that everyone who wants to keep the rights to their properties or any rights they may have had
on a property that has already been foreclosed on in Tennessee to act now. The Banks are aggressively lobbying
congress and based on the Supreme Courts current makeup, they may be in the position to get all of their fraud
forgiven. So be organized-they are very well organized!
The Banks that are foreclosing in Tennessee when they should not, have taken the
position that it was a few “bad apples” that did this. The problem is we don’t know if that’s true–
but ultimately they are responsible for what their members do.
If corporations and banks that foreclose in Tennessee when they shouldn’t want to be considered “people”,
then let’s treat them like people and hold them accountable.

Contact me to get an assessment on your rights and to see what your options are.

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