Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosures: Federal Judges and Lawyers

This article by Neil Garfield illustrates how far-reaching the Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud may go. The author Neil Garfield is with us on the front lines in the battle against Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosures and Bank Fraud. He has taken the lead in the fight by providing valuable information about key issues.

Mortgage Foreclosure problems in Tennessee are not quite as exposed and well know as they are in other states. All of this is changing quickly. Neil Garfield’s article highlights the fact that Federal Judges pensions may be tied to Mortgage Backed Securities. This could present an issue for Judges being able to hear Tennessee Foreclosure matters because they may have an interest in the outcome. The Federal Judges did not choose to put themselves in this position, but may have to recuse themselves from some Mortgage Foreclosure cases if they feel they cannot be fair or impartial. Fortunately for Tennessee, the Federal Court system and Judges are generally very competent and fair. The Federal Courts aren’t allowing the Banks to get out of their responsibility to show they actually own the house they are foreclosing on.  This story further illustrates that the Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosure issues are about to get more and more complex.

There may be other Mortgage Foreclosure issues in Tennessee in coming weeks. I personally have discovered and seen the emergence of documents that were fraudulently created, notarizedor “robo signed”. Tennessee has not yet faced the massive fraud in Mortgages and Foreclosures like many other states; however, the fraud is here. If the fraudulent documents that have been discovered across the nation turn out to be as wide-spread in Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosures, this will create a problem for any Bank Foreclosure lawyer who has any reason to know that they are presenting fraudulent documents to the court. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I suggest that everyone go get a copy of their Deeds and look them over. If you have any questions about Tennessee Mortgage Foreclosures please feel free to email or call me right away.

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